Welcome to the RC Park Flyer UK Website!

Text Box: So what is an RC Park Flyer? Well I guess it would probably best be described as a small electric powered radio controlled aircraft, which is both light, quiet and can be flown in a much smaller field, park or recreation ground, where a larger IC powered model would not be allowed to fly. There are many reasons why we are so excited about the Park Flyer…

On the whole the “Park Flyer” model should be a little easier to fly, because it is lighter it is flown in calmer conditions, it is smaller and most definitely easier to transport, as well as cheaper and easier to build than it’s larger counterparts! 
But this is by no means the rule! Flying any model aircraft is a skill that takes a long time to master, and choosing the right model is an important start. The Park Flyer must be aware that as the operator (or pilot) of the model, you are responsible for what UK law now classifies as a "miniature aircraft". Learning to fly a model aircraft is far harder than learning to drive a car, so you have to be sure it is safe for you to fly! 

Join us and enjoy being at the leading edge as this new wave of our hobby explodes! 
Look forward to plans, reviews and information,  catch up with friends from all over the world as we build a new community!

This website is about Park Flyers, the models, the flyers and their equipment! We hope you will watch us grow as this exciting new aspect of our hobby explodes! New technology has opened a huge door for all types of new models which will suitable to be classified as “Park Flyers”.

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